Top Six Battery Reconditioners

Most people believe that once a battery loses its ability to hold a charge, it is broken and needs to be thrown away, unfortunately, this act personally expensive, as we have to replace the battery. It is very harmful to the environment.

There is a special way to dispose of batteries, and more often than not, batteries big and small in the trashcan will miss this process.

Battery reconditioning is a fairly easy and inexpensive process. Most car batteries and be reconditioned with a specialist. Other types of batteries can be reconditioned using DIY process. You can search the mighty youtube for specific safe and easy ways you can try.

The first step is normally to find out what kind of battery you have to recondition, there are lead acid batteries, alkaline, NiCad, NiMH, Li-ion, and Li-poly. These are chemical compositions of your battery.

They all have a specific trait and quirks. You can check online for those properties. To check what kind of battery you have, a simple look at the label in the battery itself. It is normally written there.

These are my few recommendations on battery reconditioners.

A very popular reference is EZ Battery Reconditioning. It is a step-by-step system on how to recondition your old or dead batteries. Why don’t you check it out?

Deltran Battery Tender Plus

This is one of the best units in the market. It features, automatic charging, maintenance mode, and has a manufacturer 10-year warranty. It is compact. It works great for cars, hybrids, ATV’s and golf carts. It has state of the art safety features like reverse polarity protection, spark-proof clamps, and steady slow charge.

VDC BatteryMINDer

BatteryMINDer is one of the ideal and favorite choices for 12-volt battery charging and reconditioning. It has safety features to not overcharge batteries and it works on marine, dry sealed and acid batteries. It has a built in Desulphator that has been well reviewed for reconditioning. It can also be set to 2,4,8 amp settings easily.

Brightech Scorpion

This may not be the best charger for 12v car charging but it does work for it.

However, the jumper cables that come with it is very short.

But as alternate power source for other electronic devices, the scorpion can charge two USB devices simultaneously.

This is a great all around all-purpose charger. But it is also a very good reconditioner. It can discharge and full charge batteries in automated cycles.

Stanley J5C09 1000 Amp

This is the best charger/reconditioner for most emergency situations. It has a 500CCA rating. It’s powerful. It has an air compressor, It has good all-around capabilities. It has complete safety features and it is very cheap! Especially when you consider its durable build and reputable brand.

Black & Decker JUS500IB

This one is fairly similar to the Stanley one we just reviewed. I suppose it’s just a competitors positioning but this one is slightly more expensive than the Stanley. It cannot do slow charges which would be a problem with small capacity reconditioning.

Schumacher SpeedCharge SC10030A

I am not sure if the Schumacher name is related to the Ferrari Driver in any way, but I suppose people who want to know bad enough can look it up. This is one of the most efficient chargers in the market.

It also has tester functions, alternator testers, and other information that you can use when reconditioning. It’s the only caveat is its lack of other additional outlets.

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